0 comments on “Christmas Presents for Mobile Musicians 9: Just about anything from BleepLabs!”

Christmas Presents for Mobile Musicians 9: Just about anything from BleepLabs!

Who wouldn’t want any of this stuff, in fact, all of this stuff for Christmas?

Visit BleepLabs, be happy!

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How to optimise Sunvox songs for slow devices

Some useful tips on using Sunvox on older devices, via the Sunvox blog.

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No Sleep (Kord DS-10)

0 comments on “Korg apps still 50% off”

Korg apps still 50% off

That’s a great deal right? iMS-20, both iElectribes, iKaossilator, and of course the new iPolysix.


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JamUp Pro XT – Marshall JCM 800 Model

JamUp Pro XT - Positive Grid LLC

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Reminder: StudioTrack from Sonoma 50% off today only

Don’t forget that today’s treat in our mobile music advent calendar is Sonoma Wire Works multitrack recorder StudioTrack which is 50% off just for today! It was priced at $9.99 and now it’s just $4.99.

StudioTrack - Sonoma Wire Works

0 comments on “Say hello to the Arduino Esplora”

Say hello to the Arduino Esplora

It looks like a great idea for anyone who just doesn’t want to start out with breadboards or the like, so worth taking a look at if you’ve been tempted by the Arduino but haven’t taken the plunge.

Via the Arduino blog.

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BeatMaker 2 (minor) update

A small update to BM2 and not the one with Audiobus. Here’s what’s new:

  • Fix auto-repeat feature which was broken
  • Add iTunes file sharing (USB transfers). Check the Sharing panel.
  • Improve MIDI clock sending
  • Fix an issue where the last visited directory was not recovered in the file browser

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

0 comments on “iTunes 12 days of Christmas app”

iTunes 12 days of Christmas app

Of course it won’t be anywhere as good as the mobile music advent calendar, but there may well be a few things you want there, so don’t forget to download it in advance of the 26th and check it every day.

iTunes - 12 Days of Christmas - iTunes

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DigiEnsemble Berlin plays BACH’s Christmas Oratorio