Reactable Gui Boratto artist app arrives

This new music album app converts top-of-the-chart hits of Gui Boratto into an interactive experience! Join the performance and create new versions of selected recordings from the internationally acclaimed brazilian DJ and producer.

Transform and combine the original samples, add loops, effects, filters and more, creating unique Gui-and-you tracks, or simply just watch and listen to the songs performed on Reactable mobile.

The interactive layer added to the album opens up fascinating ways for electronic music lovers, fans of Gui Boratto and professional musicians to tweak and remix the tracks and makes it an immersive and fun experience.

Track list:

  • Like You – (Single from 2006)
  • Beautiful Life – Chromophobia (2007)
  • Azzurra – Take my Breath away (2009)
  • Stems From Hell – III (2011)

Based on the same audio and graphics engine as the award winning electronic music instrument Reactable and its mobile version for multi-touch devices, the Reactable Artist Edition: Gui Boratto places a complete range of objects at your disposal:

Generate sound with a set of objects including synthesizer, oscillator, sample player and various loop players. Modify generated sounds with a set of effect objects including wave shaper, delay, modulator and filter. Modify other objects parameters with a set of controller objects including sequencer and LFO. Modify the settings of the entire table with a set of global objects including tempo, volume and tonalizer.

The app is priced at $1.99.

Reactable Gui Boratto - Reactable Systems SL

12 days of Yonac: Day 5 – GhostGuitar at $0.99

I nearly missed this! Today’s treat from Yonac is GhostGuitar down to $0.99

GhostGuitar - Yonac Inc.

MoDrum Rhythm Composer brings performance recording to your iPhone

I’ve been looking forward to this update for MoDrum:

  • Performance recording on the iPhone/iPod touch
  • Support for the larger iPhone 5 screen
  • Disabled Stereo/Reverb processing on the iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch 3rd generation due to performance issues
  • Various improvements and bugfixes

Plus, it’s dropped in price from $5.99 to $4.99

    MoDrum Rhythm Composer - Markus Waldboth

    iMPC Music Production App for iPad

    iMPC - Akai Professional

    NanoStudio update

    A bit of a surprise update for NanoStudio:

    • iOS 6 – MIDI files will now open correctly from other apps
    • Empty untitled projects are cleaned up on app start up
    • Crash bug fixed with copying/pasting TRG pads with long sample names
    • Minor UI tweaks
    • Minor bug fixes

    NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

    Synthmate still free

    Synthmate is still free for a limited time though, to celebrate the launch of bip.

    synthmate - sohla

    DM1 for iPhone still free

    DM1 for iPhone is also still free, it was priced at $2.99, but now it’s free.

    DM1 for iPhone - Fingerlab

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