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Loving the bus? Get the T-Shirt

Yep, you can buy the T-Shirt. You know you’re tempted aren’t you.

Find them here.

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Reminder: FourTrack on sale as part of our Mobile Music Calendar

Another day of great savings from our friends at Sonoma Wire Works. Today they’ve dropped the price of their original 4track app from $4.99 to just $1.99.

Get it today, it’ll be gone tomorrow.

FourTrack - Sonoma Wire Works

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Using a MIDI controller with Caustic 2.1 on Android

Now that’s looking really interesting.

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Caustic Machine Tutorial: BassLine

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Caustic Machine Tutorial: Beatbox

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Caustic 2.1 Overview

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Say hello to Sonic Logic

We haven’t had to wait too long for this one, here’s the description, and I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about this soon enough.

Sonic Logic is a modular MIDI controller allowing you to edit and control MIDI controller setups from your iPad.

Control Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Protools, Traktor, and other popular DAWs right from your iPad.

Sonic Logic uses CoreMIDI to send MIDI signals so you can even hook it up to hardware synths using and iPad to MIDI cable.

Edit on your iPad! Super easy interface to create, edit, control, manipulate, assign MIDI controllers and notes live, using touch gestures. (No external editor needed).

Add Buttons, switches, toggle buttons, XY pads, sliders and text objects.
Their look and feel is meant to emulate real life controls, with real feedback.

* Create your MIDI controller easily from your iPad.
* Edit component’s color, size, MIDI channel and controller number.
* Time advancing gestures for buttons, create a timed MIDI transition from 0 to 127 with just a press of a button.
* Control everything with multi touch.
* Snap to middle feature on sliders.
* Built in, editable templates.
* iCloud support, always stay synced with all your setups on any device.
* Low latency.

Connect you iPad over Wi-Fi connection to your Mac, or connect if using an iPad to MIDI cable to any MIDI interface.

(Windows users – 3rd party software exists for Windows to connect Sonic Logic to it over Wi-Fi).

Visit us at www.soniclogicapps.com for more information, videos, DAW presets and more…
Email us for feature requests and ideas!

Sonic Logic - Uri Nachmias

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Coming up in MIDI Designer …

In a series of tweets MIDI Designer tells us what’s coming up:

  • Sequential supercontrols is coming to the next version of MIDI Designer. I guess that will require some clarification
  • A way to make a piano keyboard is coming to the next version of MIDI Designer
  • Transposing supercontrols are coming to the next version of MIDI Designer
  • And other good stuff. 

Worth waiting for …

MIDI Designer Pro - Confusionists LLC

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Sonic Touch 18 – Liine and Touchable – Ableton Control

Gaz focusses on controling Ableton’s Live software using Liine’s Griid and Touchable, Nick takes a look at Caustic 2 for Android.

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Shruthi-1 kit assembly and first jam

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