WOPR updated

And there’s a lot in this one too:

  • Big update! MIDI clock sync. Configurable MIDI channels. Unison mode. Panic switch. New presets for download. Bug fixes.
  • MIDI clock sync advances the model once each beat from an external MIDI clock. It works with the start/stop control on your sequencer, drum machine or other clock source. With this added, MIDI is now the best way to play WOPR. It really comes to life with a full-range keyboard. It’s easier on the iPad’s CPU too.
  • Unison mode locks all 6 notes of polyphony together on the same note, detuning each voice by a configurable amount. You can also control the stereo spread for truly gigantic sounds. In this mode, the synth is monophonic.
  • The new presets – get them by pressing “Download” in the presets menu – show off this new Unison mode. Before you download the presets, delete the old factory presets. They are replaced with new ones. You’ll also need to re-save each of your own presets, otherwise they will not change the unison mode knobs.
  • The panic switch stops all playing notes and resets the filters and delay lines. If WOPR suddenly goes silent in the middle of playing, tap this and it’ll come back to life.
  • A few bugs were fixed too: the sustain pedal now works. An issue that would have broken downloaded presets was corrected. Preferences are saved between launches.

WOPR - Tim Kemp

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