Final-Version! This song was composed, produced an performed on mobile devices only. But, is it possible to play a Christmas carol on smartphones — while not sounding plastic but conveying a warm Christmas mood?
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The DigiEnsemble Berlin consists of trained musicians who seek a way of making music by only utilizing digital devices such as smartphones and tablet PC (of any kind). There are neither stylistic nor instrumental borders for the ensemble. The professional musicians can reach out of their trained comfort zone and stake out new musical land.

Since Christmas time is near, the DigiEnsemble provides a special surpise for you: a magic musical interpretation and a fantastic video production of “Silent Night.”

DigiEnsemble Berlin [music apps]
Marc Godau (voc, arr.) [Samplodica]
Viola Bornmann (voc., pad) [NodeBeat, SoundPrism Pro]
Willi Struzyk (bass) [iFretless, Beatmaker2]
Puya Shoary (drums) [Drums XD]
Tim Neuser (git.) [Geo Synth, iShred]
Matthias Krebs (pad, backings) [SoundPrism Pro, ImproVox]
Matti Klein (keys) [MusikStudio]

music produktion
Klas Yngborn (SoundTank Studios)

Markenfilm Crossing

video production
Matthias Krebs (Idee, Regie, Projektleitung, punos)
Liesa Rademacher (cutter, feinefim)
Susanne Hassepaß (cutter, feinefilm)
Mathias Geck (color grading)
Lukasz Fabijanczyk (logo animation)
Bastian Schick (logo sounds)
Nastasia Mohren (ass., punos)


Die Filmaufnahme fand am 20. September 2012 auf der alten Theaterbühne des Heimathafen Neuköln in Berlin statt. Release war am 6.12.2012.

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