Connecting Reaktor 5.8 with Konkreet Performer

Konkreet Performer - Konkreet Labs

Synthmate still free (for a while)

Synthmate is still free for a limited time though, to celebrate the launch of bip.

synthmate - sohla

Audiobus (another video)

Via iOS Musician.

BeatMaker 2 Version 2.4.1

Here’s the update:

  • 6-band EQ has no filters activated when created
  • Sends are now post-fader and labeled in dB
  • Improve Dropbox stability and user experience
  • Fix FX bus/sends in old projects
  • Fix stereo bluetooth devices “audio engine problem” issue
  • Fix a problem when switching projects with MIDI OUT enabled
  • Fix a problem when an instrument is removed
  • Fix an issue that could occur when installing Beatmaker 1 BMKZ files (Dropbox/FTP)
  • Fix an issue with some MIDI data being ignored

BeatMaker 2 - INTUA

SoundPrism Pro still 50% off

Down from $15.99 to $7.99, but only for a limited time and I don’t know how long that is. Of course, it is Audiobus compliant, so you might want to check it out.

SoundPrism Pro - Audanika GmbH – iPad Groovebox, Improvisation #4

WOPR updated

And there’s a lot in this one too:

  • Big update! MIDI clock sync. Configurable MIDI channels. Unison mode. Panic switch. New presets for download. Bug fixes.
  • MIDI clock sync advances the model once each beat from an external MIDI clock. It works with the start/stop control on your sequencer, drum machine or other clock source. With this added, MIDI is now the best way to play WOPR. It really comes to life with a full-range keyboard. It’s easier on the iPad’s CPU too.
  • Unison mode locks all 6 notes of polyphony together on the same note, detuning each voice by a configurable amount. You can also control the stereo spread for truly gigantic sounds. In this mode, the synth is monophonic.
  • The new presets – get them by pressing “Download” in the presets menu – show off this new Unison mode. Before you download the presets, delete the old factory presets. They are replaced with new ones. You’ll also need to re-save each of your own presets, otherwise they will not change the unison mode knobs.
  • The panic switch stops all playing notes and resets the filters and delay lines. If WOPR suddenly goes silent in the middle of playing, tap this and it’ll come back to life.
  • A few bugs were fixed too: the sustain pedal now works. An issue that would have broken downloaded presets was corrected. Preferences are saved between launches.

WOPR - Tim Kemp

Audulus Audiobus support submitted to the app store!

Excellent news! It’ll be great to play with Audulus through Audiobus!

Audulus - Wilson Holliday

Psycho Friday X4 with GlitchBreak & Audulus Virtual Midi

This week, before the exit of AudioBus, I decide to play live only with my 2 iDevices.
On my iPhone 5 run GlitchBreak with new effect and my iPad 2 run Audulus with new Virtual Midi update controlled by Lemur with Abreakpoint Sequencer….good watching 🙂

Via Discchord.

OSC Piano arrives, and it’s free

A simple enough app, but it’s free and might be of use to you.

OSC Piano is a free OSC control surface with a simple piano interface for iPhone / iPod Touch.

It supports sending Open Sound Control messages over a Wi-Fi network using UDP protocol.

The application allows to remote control from software and hardware that implement the OSC protocols such as Pure Data, Max/MSP/Jitter, Max for Live, vvvc, Isadora and others.
Also, you can convert OSC date to MIDI data by using OSC Piano Server on your mac.

OSC bundles are
* Note Bundle *
oscP/note i (0~127)
oscP/velocity i
* Accelerometer Bundle *
oscP/accelX f
oscP/accelY f
oscP/accelZ f

OSC Piano - Acoustic World

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