Music Box Composer update

Here’s what’s new:

  • Add mode without Move mode was always acting as if the Move mode was active – now it’ll add notes regardless of whether you touch near an existing note.
  • Fix for autoload text and cancel buttons very (very) slowly moving off screen.
  • Piano mode now shows notes at active time when dragging timeline, even if a note is selected
  • Warning dialog about sharps and illegal notes when exporting to JPG.
  • Display of current note in the magnifying glass has been moved to the top rather than bottom.
  • Performance hit when showing illegal notes fixed.
  • Audio system partially rewritten for smoother playback.
  • Cancelling a record to wav then restarting wasn’t stopping the next record correctly.
  • Touch and slide side to side on the tempo widget to more easily set.
  • Shared strips weren’t using the name set in the sharing dialog.
  • The load strips UI now sorts the strips alphabetically *ignoring* case.

Music Box Composer - Jelly Biscuits

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