Wablet available outside the UK?

The Wablet appears to be available outside the UK now. Here’s the app’s description if you missed it:

The Wablet is a physics based synthesiser and noise toy. An animated mesh of springs can be vibrated with the fingers. A path around this mesh is read as into an audio waveform, and hence your gestures are turned into sound. Complex evolving drones, chiptunes bleeps or full on noise can be produced, and beautiful undulating patterns created. The physical properties of the mesh can be changed using the sliders, new sound-paths can be drawn onto the Mesh and the App comes with a Max/MSP patch for wireless MIDI control and more in depth adjustable parameters.

The app is priced at $0.99. Let me know if it isn’t available where you are.

The Wablet - Robert Tubb

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