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Genome MIDI Sequencer updated

A big update to the already excellent Genome MIDI Sequencer:


  • Better visual feedback on patterns that are playing

Piano Roll / Pattern Editor Page

  • Fixed bug with ‘View Snap’ zoom mode that was causing view to jump around
  • Added a ‘dead zone’ on zooming so zooming doesn’t occur immediately
  • Added scrollbars for easier navigation
  • Fixed timing bug that occurred when changing pattern length while recording
  • Fixed Pattern Mini-map
  • Fixed a serious bug with changing note lengths
  • Fixed stuck note when bringing up the tap ‘n hold menu
  • Fixed bug that occurred if you duplicated a pattern more than once. One of the duplicates wouldn’t play at first.
  • Improved naming of duplicates. No longer calls them ‘copy copy copy.. “, instead “copy 1, copy 2″, etc.

Pattern Playback

  • It is now possible to have notes that stretch past the end of the pattern without being cut off as soon as the pattern ends
  • Fixed a bug on switching song steps that would kill all playing notes.
  • Some under-the-hood changes to the way looping works (mainly for the above change)
  • NEW: Pattern Info & Added ‘Legato’ launch quantization option. This allows patterns to change immediately and still keep sync.
  • NEW: Pattern Info & Added Loop flags (affects how looping works, with regards to starting and continuing notes)


  • Notes that extend past the end of the pattern will no longer be broken into two notes (see pattern playback changes)


  • Updated MIDI Mobilizer library
  • The ‘Send Sync’ button (formerly, “Send Clock”) in the MIDI config, now controls whether MIDI Start and MIDI Stop messages are sent as well as Clock.
  • Background Mode changes. It’s now easier to do external clock sync while Genome is in the background. If Genome is not playing, it will wait in the background for 15 minutes unless you toggle the ‘background’ button in the settings (which will cause it to sleep immediately). If Genome is playing, it will run in the background until stopped.
  • Added options for controlling Latency Compensation for MIDI Sync (sync-in and out)
  • Fixed track ‘scale’ not getting reset on song & clear

Special thanks to Mat for his help with testing and his suggestions in this version!

Genome MIDI Sequencer - White Noise Audio Software

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Getting Connected: Ad-Hoc Connection and a MIDI Network Connection

This video covers connecting an iPad to a Mac running OSX via an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection, and getting connected via network MIDI using that connection. The video uses MIDI Designer, OSX, and Snoize MIDI Monitor. I hope to do a similar video for Windows at some time in the future.

MIDI Designer Pro - Confusionists LLC

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Reminder, Impaktor code give away closes in 1 hour

Impaktor - The drum synthesizer - BeepStreet

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JamUp Pro XT – Ola Englund – II

JamUp Pro XT - Positive Grid LLC

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No Where To Turn by Trueyorky

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SoundCloud app gets updated

Alongside the big web update the iOS app gets an update too. Here’s what’s new:

  • Introducing Reposts: sounds you repost will appear in your stream.
  • New search with suggestions and more relevant results
  • Improved Facebook integration
  • Visually enhanced welcome screens for new users
  • Streaming improvements and bug fixing

SoundCloud - SoundCloud Ltd.

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Melancoholic – Some Random Stuff (Animoog & DM1 drum machine)

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QuNexus Keys Demo with Dexstrumental

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Wablet available outside the UK?

The Wablet appears to be available outside the UK now. Here’s the app’s description if you missed it:

The Wablet is a physics based synthesiser and noise toy. An animated mesh of springs can be vibrated with the fingers. A path around this mesh is read as into an audio waveform, and hence your gestures are turned into sound. Complex evolving drones, chiptunes bleeps or full on noise can be produced, and beautiful undulating patterns created. The physical properties of the mesh can be changed using the sliders, new sound-paths can be drawn onto the Mesh and the App comes with a Max/MSP patch for wireless MIDI control and more in depth adjustable parameters.

The app is priced at $0.99. Let me know if it isn’t available where you are.

The Wablet - Robert Tubb

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Ambience and Interactivity interview

A really good interview at designing Sound about interactivity in audio applications. The interview was with Peter Chivers (Brian Eno’s apps), Robert Thomas from RJDJ, Yann Seznec (developer of Mujik) and Stephan Schütze.

Well worth a read. You can find it here.

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