Christmas presents for the mobile musician 5: SS25

I’ve had my SS25 for ages now, I think from when they first came out. It was great with the 3G/3GS and the 4, but of course now not so much sadly. In some ways the SS25 was great for its time and has outlived its usefulness. I still try and use it with my old 3G occasionally though.

In some ways it can make a good present for someone with a 3G/3GS, and it is in a way a part of history for mobile music lovers. Clip to Evernote Beta test from Amidio


Only 1 basic 909 drum pattern, 1 synth bass pattern and preset, 1 Vibes realtime recorded loop and some chords… This came during the testing session, shot with the iPhone. Note that this is not the demonstration of the full sonic possibilities.

FunkBox codes gone out

Thanks to the huge number of people who entered the give away competition today. All the codes have now gone out, but check back tomorrow for another treat as part of our mobile music advent calendar!

FunkBox Promo Code Give Away closed

The promo code give away is now closed. Codes will be going out shortly.

Konkreet Performer sending notes to Dron-e

Also, don’t forget that Konkreet Performer has dropped by 50% from $24.99 to $11.99.

Konkreet Performer - Konkreet Labs

One hour left before the FunkBox code give away closes

Just another hour before the end of today’s mobile music advent calendar give away for FunkBox.

FunkBox Drum Machine - Synthetic Bits, LLC

Korg Monotribe VCO mod – FM, ringmod, sync type sounds possible


New mod for the Monotribe, this one adds a lot of sound making potential, it is still in the prototype stage but hopefully the video will give an idea of the kinds of sounds you can make, from sub osc to FM, ringmod and sync type sounds. Final features may change on kits.

The first pot controls pitch, the first switch controls range low/normal/mid, the second pot controls level, and the second switch controls mode1/off/mode2. Great for drones, and weird techno sounds, you can also coax some semi realistic instrument sounds such as bass guitar and trumpet if you want. This is by no means an exhaustive demo, more and better demos will follow later. Sub to my channel if interested.

I hope to have these available as an easy DIY fit kit in early 2013, you will need to drill holes and solder 4 wires to install, check out my other Monotribe mod kits, more are coming soon and check out my blog

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