It’s time to queue up for the Audiobus …

Excellent news this morning. Audiobus have now announced that they will go live on the 10th of December. Not long to wait now is it …

So with that in mind, I think I might post a couple of their videos again …

Full details at their blog here.

Beta Korg Monotron emulator (softsynth) for Nintendo DS

Via Furtek.

Monotron Nintendo ds-10 korg m01 for android

Video info:

nds4droid release 13, nintendo DS Emulator for android

please support this project nds4droid can be found for free in the google play store. Tested with Quad-core 7 inch Acer Iconia Tab A110 android 4.1:

sound confirmed working on

  • korg nintendo ds-10
  • korg nintendo ds-10 plus
  • korg m01

but all sound produce buzzy ringing noise. Electroplankton is clippy, working better with homebrew

  • tr909 !!
  • Korg Monotron DS 0.2 BETA !!!
  • DStepV2 !
  • tonesynth 24

Via ‘experimental music‘.

Creating Square and Pulse Waves on the Monotron

Monotron Delay Mods has details, a lot of details actually.

Monkey plays the OP-1

Sorry, made me laugh.

Molecule Synth …

Can’t wait …

KORG iPolysix Demo RetroFunkLounge

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.

Sunvox music of November

If you like Sunvox and the music made with it then take a look at the best music made with Sunvox in November at the Sunvox blog.

24 Apps of 2012: Tabletop

Tabletop is one of the apps that I keep coming back to and tinkering with. Connecting things in different ways and trying out different ideas. I especially like the visual dimension to the effects. I love the modularity of it and the routing, which I think is quite inspired.

I’ve struggled to make anything finished with it though. It’s seemed to me to be very easy to start off in but I haven’t completed anything in Tabletop as yet. I think that might just be me though.

I’m sure we will see Tabletop move even further next year and continue to innovate.

Tabletop - Retronyms

【DEMO】IK Multimedia iRig KEYS

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