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In just a few days you’ll be able to use Audiobus for this too …

Sebastian uses Loopy HD to loop Sunrizer and FunkBox being filtered by NLog. What are you going to do with Audiobus?

Not too long now, Audiobus will be with us on the 10th! Read more here.

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It’s time to queue up for the Audiobus …

Excellent news this morning. Audiobus have now announced that they will go live on the 10th of December. Not long to wait now is it …

So with that in mind, I think I might post a couple of their videos again …

Full details at their blog here.

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Beta Korg Monotron emulator (softsynth) for Nintendo DS

Via Furtek.

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Monotron Nintendo ds-10 korg m01 for android

Video info:

nds4droid release 13, nintendo DS Emulator for android



please support this project nds4droid can be found for free in the google play store. Tested with Quad-core 7 inch Acer Iconia Tab A110 android 4.1:

sound confirmed working on

  • korg nintendo ds-10
  • korg nintendo ds-10 plus
  • korg m01

but all sound produce buzzy ringing noise. Electroplankton is clippy, working better with homebrew

  • tr909 !!
  • Korg Monotron DS 0.2 BETA !!!
  • DStepV2 !
  • tonesynth 24

Via ‘experimental music‘.

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Creating Square and Pulse Waves on the Monotron

Monotron Delay Mods has details, a lot of details actually.

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Monkey plays the OP-1

Sorry, made me laugh.

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Molecule Synth …

Can’t wait …

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KORG iPolysix Demo RetroFunkLounge

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.

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Sunvox music of November

If you like Sunvox and the music made with it then take a look at the best music made with Sunvox in November at the Sunvox blog.

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24 Apps of 2012: Tabletop

Tabletop is one of the apps that I keep coming back to and tinkering with. Connecting things in different ways and trying out different ideas. I especially like the visual dimension to the effects. I love the modularity of it and the routing, which I think is quite inspired.

I’ve struggled to make anything finished with it though. It’s seemed to me to be very easy to start off in but I haven’t completed anything in Tabletop as yet. I think that might just be me though.

I’m sure we will see Tabletop move even further next year and continue to innovate.

Tabletop - Retronyms

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