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The Wablet is a physics based synthesiser and noise toy. An animated mesh of springs can be vibrated with the fingers. A path around this mesh is read as into an audio waveform, and hence your gestures are turned into sound. Complex evolving drones, chiptunes bleeps or full on noise can be produced, and beautiful undulating patterns created. The physical properties of the mesh can be changed using the sliders, new sound-paths can be drawn onto the Mesh and the App comes with a Max/MSP patch for wireless MIDI control and more in depth adjustable parameters.

The app is priced at $0.99

The Wablet - Robert Tubb

triqtraq – beat making in 10 minutes

I do really like triqtraq, it’s great for making things immediate.

triqtraq - jam sequencer - Zaplin Music

Sunrizer 2.5 (soon) – random arp demo + knobs twiddling

Sunrizer synth - BeepStreet

HarleyLikesMusic & DS-10 Dominator – Transformer (Acidstep)

24 apps of 2012: BitWiz

I thought I’d take some time out this month to post some of my favourite apps of 2012. Not necessarily apps that have arrived in 2012, but ones that I’ve enjoyed using the most this year. So I’m starting off with BitWiz. Why? Because it’s without a doubt one of the apps that was not only a surprise in terms of what it is, but also because it is so easy to use and so much fun that I think everyone should try it.

I’m not sure if people are put off the app because it is a code based thing, but if you are then you should reconsider. It’s very easy to use and you don’t need to understand the code side to enjoy it, although it’s a great start to making your own sounds.

The fact that it is versatile and functionally rich means that you can take it at a number of different levels. As a simple noise toy. As a way of learning some basic music code principles, and as a performance synth that records and plays nicely with all the usual standards.

So it’s one of my apps of 2012 and I hope to see it get better and better in 2013.

BitWiz Audio Synth - Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)

Christmas Presents for the Mobile Musician 1: The Monotron

Whatever you think of the Monotron it has to be said that it is a lot of fun to play with and as such it gets a big vote from me for being an excellent gift for any mobile musician at this festive time of year.

Know someone who loves mobile. This will make them smile (so long as they don’t already have one of course).

energyXT is currently free

energyXT is now free, from a price of $9.99.

energyXT - XT Software AS

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