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Don’t forget that all the Korg apps are 50% off at the moment

That’s a great deal right? iMS-20, both iElectribes, iKaossilator, and of course the new iPolysix.


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Say hello to Synergy Studio from 4Pockets

Another fabulous app from 4Pockets arrives today. I’ve been playing with this for a while now and I really love it. It feels so intuitive.

Here’s the whole description:

Synergy Studio is a sequencer that enables music creation by all musical abilities. By simply tapping on the grid interface users can lay down a series of notes and patterns of up to 64 notes to create a musical sequence.

If you are a seasoned musician looking for a tool to help lay down new ideas or need more advanced features then Synergy has the lot, a fully integrated mixer, lots of plug-in effects, complete customization of instruments and patches and extensive automation facilities.

If you want to experiment more, you can add multiple layers to your patterns by selecting different instruments for each layer. As you build up your layers you can create intricate musical patterns. By switching to the fully integrated mixer and effects options you can take your patterns to a professional level.

There are four main instrument categories to choose from: Drums, Analogue Synthesizer, Sample and Pad Synth. Each category contains different types of instruments – for example in the drum kit category you can choose from an array of different kits including Analogue T9, Orchestra, Rock and Techno. Further instrument packs are available in the Synergy’s free sound library or as In-App purchases.

Synergy includes MIDI implementation enabling you to interact with MIDI hardware, such as Synths and Samplers creating a powerful live tool.

Musicians can share projects with other iOS devices using Bluetooth technology. Simply select the WIST function located at the top of the screen to seamlessly connect with other iPad to share tracks and projects with one another.

Exporting your finished songs and patterns from Synergy is just as easy with built in functionality for Dropbox, SoundCloud, Email, Pasteboard or exports directly into other apps such as Meteor Multitrack Recorder.

Although Synergy will run on the iPad 1, to get the full benefit we recommend an iPad 2 or later.

Synergy Studio is from 4PocketsAudio.com, the creators of Meteor Multi-Track recorder and StompBox guitar effects rack, which featured in Apple’s iPad 2 TV commercial in January 2012.

  • Choose your pattern length from 16, 32 and 64 notes.
  • 11 Drum Kits, 42 Analogue Synth instruments, 55 Sampler instruments, 21 Pad Synth instruments.
  • Further instruments available from free Sound library and in-App purchases.
  • Edit existing instruments to create new ones and save them to use again.
  • Easily connect and interact with other MIDI controls.
  • Fully integrated mixer and effects unit available.
  • 3 BAND Parametric EQ on each of the 16 layers to control the tonal content of a layer.
  • Automate panning, fading and effects using the mixer.
  • Export and share to other iOS devices via Bluetooth, Pasteboard, SoundCloud, DropBox, Email and FTP.

Synergy Studio is priced at $19.99

Synergy Studio - 4Pockets.com

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sir Sampleton Free arrives

A free version of sir Sampleton, nice. With IAPs of course, but then why not?

Here’s the description, which starts with a bug fix notice which is always a little strange! 

used by DJ/producer Zedd! /// iOS 6 Ready
“surprisingly powerful” – Wall Street Journal

Sir Sampleton is a sampling musical keyboard that allows you to record sounds through the microphone and then play them on dual piano keyboards. You can sample your voice, your pets, synthesizers, drums, or anything that makes noise. Samples can be looped and customized, and the app includes a rhythm machine to accompany your music.

Sampleton’s warm sound and simple interface are inspired by sampling Casio and Yamaha keyboards of the 80’s, but with many additional features like MIDI and adjustable sound parameters.

Supports all CoreMIDI devices. (Synthstation 25 supported in paid version of this app only)

  • Sample through the microphone and then play your samples on the dual keyboards
  • Save and email sample packs to friends, or to yourself for backup or transfer (with upgrade)
  • Download samples from our website and send in your own samples for others to download (with upgrade)
  • Built-in rhythm machine
  • Computer beat generator (with upgrade)
  • Adjustable sound parameters like vibrato, note trail length, sample time, and more
  • Put one sample on each keyboard in dual-sample mode
  • Multitouch with 10-20 voices for rich sound
  • Low latency
  • Automatic smart microphone level adjustment
  • Supports all CoreMIDI devices
  • Multichannel MIDI mode places different samples on each MIDI channel, up to 24 samples
  • Supports iRig external audio input adapter and iRig microphone
  • Coming soon: virtual MIDI, alternate iPad control layouts, and more!

(and it’s free)

sir Sampleton Free - Paul Slocum

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mikrosonic Select! Music Player for Android tablets

Posting this as it’s from Mikrosonic and they make nice things for Android.


Select! is the music player for your Android tablet. Available on Google Play:

Soundtrack composed and produced by Elektronikos:

For more info on the app, visit: http://www.mikrosonic.com/select

Select! is the music player for a smooth music listening experience on your tablet.

Browse seamlessly through your music collection. Create playlists with ease and have full control over your music:

  • The thoughtfully designed all-in-one-view interface takes full advantage of the larger tablet screens.
  • Optimized for innovative multi touch control. Swipe through your music by cover art and organize it by drag & drop.
  • Use the quick search with autocompletion to jump to an album or artist. Or use the real-time detail search to find a particular track.
  • Playlist oriented: Manage, arrange and play your music and always know what will play next.
  • The unique waveform display serves as a precise seekbar. See what’s playing with the graphic equalizer or use the full screen visualization of your music.

Key features:

  • Clearly arranged all-in-one-view application
  • Browse your music by albums, artists, genres, playlists and tracks
  • Advanced playlist system
  • Drag & Drop and multi-touch control
  • Powerful search engine
  • Quick-Search with autocompletion
  • Detailed search
  • Unique waveform display that visualizes your music
  • Cover grids and stacks
  • 10 band graphical equalizer
  • Full screen audio visualizer
  • Notification bar player
  • Audio engine based on FFmpeg
  • Supported formats: mp3, mp4/m4a, aac, wma, ogg vorbis, flac, wav, aiff
  • Supports 7 to 10 inch tablets
  • Works in portrait and landscape view
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Mo – 1 (Mo Zero)

Today is the last day of Movember. A huge thank you to all who’ve supported this in whatever way.

If you know what Movember is about then I don’t need to explain very much, if you don’t, then read on.

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

So, if you’d like to support these causes and make a donation, please head over to my Movember page. Your support is most welcome, and if you visit you’ll see my current facial progress too!
Finally, I’d also like to say a big thank you to Jessie at Yonac for their very generous donation.

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A little teaser for something we’ve got planned for December

In case you missed this from earlier …

Starting on Saturday the 1st of December we’ve got a few things planned to cheer you up every day all the way up to Christmas.

I won’t spoil the surprise, but keep watching and from Saturday morning there’ll be something new to look forward to every day from Palm Sounds, iOS Musician, Discchord, iDesignSound and iOS Music and You.

Stay tuned, not long to wait now …

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Stylo-101 (Stylophone+SH-101) arrives

I like the idea of this, I’ll reserve judgement on the app until later.

Here’s the description:

I-phone 5 friendly! What do you get if you cross a Stylophone with the famous Roland SH-101? Well We have circuit-bent a virtual Stylophone and added Roland SH-101 modifications. You can create wacky and eerie sounds to meaty bass lines. As well as the Stylophone sound, you now have an extra oscillator driving a sawtooth wave with filter and resonance from the SH-101. You can adjust the mixer for each oscillator and the LFO can control oscillators and amp. We have increased the LFO speed and depth of the pitch modulation. We have also added an SH-101 style sequencer for creating bass lines or arpeggios. It is still monophonic but the notes will continue to decay if you release your finger before playing another key. You can also play over the top of the sequence while its playing.

  • 2 oscillator monophonic synth
  • oscillator 1: saw, tri, square
  • oscillator 2: SH-101 Saw with SH-101 filter, SH-101 resonance (4 preset levels) and detune
  • LFO-pitch
  • Master Transpose
  • Mixer for osc1 and osc2
  • Arp/sequencer with tempo
  • Release controls notes played and sequencer
  • Attack controls notes only
  • 2 oscillator monophonic synth
  • oscillator 1: saw, tri, square
  • oscillator 2: SH-101 Saw with SH-101 filter, SH-101 resonance (4 preset levels) and detune
  • LFO-pitch
  • Master Transpose
  • Mixer for osc1 and osc2
  • Arp/sequencer with tempo
  • Release controls notes played and sequencer
  • Attack controls notes only

The app is priced at $2.99
Stylo-101 (Stylophone+SH-101) - Rob Wilmot

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Reminder: ReBirth for iPad still at $9.99

Don’t forget that ReBirth for iPad is down to $9.99 for the rest of the year.

ReBirth for iPad - Propellerhead Software AB

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Silent Night on mobile devices – by DigiEnsemble Berlin part 2 | PreView

This is the second part of a preview of the DigiEnsemble Berlin performing the pop song “Silent Night” by only using tablets and smartphones. The whole song will be released on 2 Dec 2012!

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Audiobus: Recording SoundPrism PRO, Sunrizer and Funkbox in MultiTrack DAW


Sebastian uses MultiTrack DAW to record SoundPrism PRO, Sunrizer and Funkbox, with some Virtual MIDI magic. What are you going to do with Audiobus?

Can you actually wait for this? I’m not sure I can …