A free version of sir Sampleton, nice. With IAPs of course, but then why not?

Here’s the description, which starts with a bug fix notice which is always a little strange! 

used by DJ/producer Zedd! /// iOS 6 Ready
“surprisingly powerful” – Wall Street Journal

Sir Sampleton is a sampling musical keyboard that allows you to record sounds through the microphone and then play them on dual piano keyboards. You can sample your voice, your pets, synthesizers, drums, or anything that makes noise. Samples can be looped and customized, and the app includes a rhythm machine to accompany your music.

Sampleton’s warm sound and simple interface are inspired by sampling Casio and Yamaha keyboards of the 80’s, but with many additional features like MIDI and adjustable sound parameters.

Supports all CoreMIDI devices. (Synthstation 25 supported in paid version of this app only)

  • Sample through the microphone and then play your samples on the dual keyboards
  • Save and email sample packs to friends, or to yourself for backup or transfer (with upgrade)
  • Download samples from our website and send in your own samples for others to download (with upgrade)
  • Built-in rhythm machine
  • Computer beat generator (with upgrade)
  • Adjustable sound parameters like vibrato, note trail length, sample time, and more
  • Put one sample on each keyboard in dual-sample mode
  • Multitouch with 10-20 voices for rich sound
  • Low latency
  • Automatic smart microphone level adjustment
  • Supports all CoreMIDI devices
  • Multichannel MIDI mode places different samples on each MIDI channel, up to 24 samples
  • Supports iRig external audio input adapter and iRig microphone
  • Coming soon: virtual MIDI, alternate iPad control layouts, and more!

(and it’s free)

sir Sampleton Free - Paul Slocum

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