Yep, the iPolysix does have AudioCopy

Which is good to know.

Picture via SmiteMatter.

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.

Gestrument 1.1 arrived

And it has some really good stuff in it too:

  • Audio record
  • Playing together with songs played in other apps and tracks imported into Gestrument
  • Loop tracks
  • Export recordings to AudioShare for renaming, uploading to SoundCloud

Gestrument - Jesper Nordin

How to use fraAngelico – true digital synth

Sinusoid adds support for iCade 8-bitty

I think that makes it the only app (music app that is) that supports this hardware. Unless anyone else knows different?

Sinusoid - Erik Sigth

In case you missed it … Korg iPolysix arrived today

The app is priced at $14.99 initially until the 31st of December

KORG iPolysix - KORG INC.

New ThumbJam instruments available

In case you weren’t aware there are a couple of new ThumbJam instruments available to download from within the app. They are:

  • Concertina
  • Sackpipa (Swedish Bagpipes)

Always worth checking to see if there’s anything new in that folder in case you’ve missed anything.

ThumbJam - Sonosaurus LLC

Nils has arrived!

What a great Monday for new apps! Here’s Nils …

Real time bitcrush, sampler and looper.

Nils is a real time sound effect machine with a minimalistic looper. It comes with bitcrush, delay and gain for distortion. As input you can use the internal microphone, your earpods or accessories like iRig. Can also be used as a sampler, by holding the delay buffer and changing its phase. Lo-fi looping for both beginners and professionals.

  • Real time.
  • Bitchrush.
  • Sample rate (1 Hz – 44100 Hz).
  • Delay.
  • Hold delay buffer.
  • Play delay buffer.
  • Gain (goes up to 11).
  • Limiter.
  • Tape looper.
  • Export (email, soundcloud, MAPI audio copy).

Nils is priced at $1.99

nils - Erik Sigth

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