Here’s what’s new:

  • Directly browse and preview parts, sections, progressions, and song in dedicated tabs
  • Projects are now loaded on demand (for faster app launching)
  • Can import user soundbanks (DLS or SF2 format) from iTunes. Soundbank is selectable per song.
  • Splitting/labeling now applies to the arrangement as a whole, not a single section
  • Can now email an entire project from within the app
  • Can now export an entire project to iTunes sharing
  • Open zip (of MIDI files) in HyperTunes (e.g, from email)
  • Open HyperTunes project in HyperTunes (e.g, from email)
  • Assign parts directly in Section screen, without drilling down to Part screen first
  • Press to enable/disable parts right in the Section screen

HyperTunes - Exploded Views Media

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