WOPR (video)

WOPR - Tim Kemp

HexASound (video)

HexASound - Maxime Bokobza

Something new coming from the makers of NodeBeat?

Looks interesting, but what could it be and what does it do?

Anushri Drum Tweaking

Cast your vote, which platform do you run Sunvox on?

I know that lots of people love the awesomeness of Sunvox, so help out the developer by letting him where you’re using it.

Cast you vote here. I did!

Audiobus: Filtering FunkBox and Sunrizer with NLog into Loopy HD

Sebastian uses Loopy HD to loop Sunrizer and FunkBox being filtered by NLog. What are you going to do with Audiobus?

AmpKit for Mac Amps

Sound demos.

AmpKit - Agile Partners

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