Yeah, you’ve gotta love that image

And want to see it just about everywhere, on every audio app developer’s website and probably on t-shirts too. I’d wear it.

NI Specials for black friday

More deals for black friday.

Synthtopia Black Friday deals

Not that this is mobile related, but I’m sure that some will be interested in these deals.

Get yourself 15% off an OP-1

Nils, coming soon …

A real time bitcrush, sampler and looper from the maker of ShapeSynth and Sinusoid.

University of Sussex event starts tomorrow

An event that I thought might be of interest to a few. I know I posted on it yesterday, but it’s the kind of thing that could get missed. Sadly I can’t make this weekend, but if you do go let me know what it was like.

Here are the details:

The ‘Bridging Sound’ event is of interest to the mobile sound community as it “launches an interdisciplinary research forum dealing with 21st century soundscapes and auditory environments, which have become an exciting focus for artistic, technological, and sociological research.” The focus on bridges puts mobility at the heart this sound studies event, as we tend to encounter bridges while in motion, and many artistic projects in the area have also explored our mobile interactions with bridges. It’s organised by Professor Sally-Jane Norman and Dr Michael Bull.

The event info continues:
“Our urban surroundings and the sites we frequent for work, leisure, consumption and transportation offer scaffolds for new kinds of acoustic architectures. Sonic designs employ and mix platforms ranging from public address systems to intimate messaging. Roles of artists, urban planners, commercial stakeholders, state authorities, and “local bodies” are mobilised by the steadily expanding, yet never-quite-real estate inhabited by sound. Bridging Sound promotes and debates this burgeoning area of contemporary practice. It convenes practitioners and theorists from a range of disciplines to investigate figuratively, metaphorically and theoretically the intersections between sound, architecture and culture.”
The event runs 23-24 November, and I’ll be chairing a session on the Saturday – so would be great to see some of you then!
Here is the program from their website:
A two day event consisting of an internal workshop on Friday followed at 4pm by a series of public lectures and presentations which continue all day Saturday.

Friday 23rd November
10:00-15:30: Internal Workshop (post-graduate students and staff)
Oeyvind Brandstegg, Will Schrimshaw, Rupert Cox/Angus Carlyle

16:00-18:00: Public Lectures followed by discussions
Salome Voegelin, Will Schrimshaw

Saturday 24th November
9:30-17:00: Public Symposium introduced by Michael Bull, Sally-Jane Norman
Oeyvind Brandstegg
Michael Bull
Rupert Cox/Angus Carlyle
Sally-Jane Norman
Bridges Panel chaired by Frauke Behrendt (Brighton University)
School of Media, Film and Music:
Caroline Basset
Mel Friend
Tim Hopkins
Monika Metykova
School of History, Art History and Philosophy:
Ben Burbridge
Synthesis, Future Bridges
Registration appreciated by mail to

Rheyne – 11/20/12 – Live Jam #63 (USB controllers and wireless iPads with Ableton Live)

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