SuperSynth comes to Android

Android Musician has all the details, but the basics are:

Transport bar:

  • Start/Stop button
  • Tempo
  • Number of steps per sequence
  • Panic
  • Transpose

Synth section:

  • 1 oscillator with 2 waveforms
  • 1 resonant filter
  • 1 amp envelope
  • 1 filter envelope
  • 1 LFO for filter modulation
  • Portamento
  • The sequencer is built on 6 tracks of 16 steps each
  • Each track sequences, from top to bottom, Octave, Note, Waveform, Re-trigger/arpeggio effects, Bend Up or Down effect and Filter/LFO modulation
Beat player:
  • Select from 10 drum loops one to go with your synth sequence 
  • Loads and Saves states for all the parameters in sight

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