Continuum || Respect Me (live – demo version)

Continuum recorded this demo onto iPad using Auria. The drums were multitracked first, using Drumagog to trigger some extra electronic samples. Then the piano and synth tracks were recorded with the Ultranova. Finally the vocals were recorded and mixed using compression, eq and reverb built into the software. In all we had around 20 tracks in the mix.

Auria - WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

33 Animoog Patch Presets

You can find out where to download them from Discchord.

the history of synthmate UI

the history of synthmate UI from soh_la on Vimeo.


I finally grabbed all my small screen casts i made of synthmate as i developed it. It begins with the original concept, inspired by and using Matt Gemmell’s multi-touch demo ( It then moves on to the control panels and initial look and feel. Later, there are some different visual ideas i played with before arriving at the final look. Enjoy.

synthmate - sohla

Wravend looks like fun

A synthesizer allowing control of pitch, shape, frequency/amplitude modulation and low-pass filter by hand-drawing of waveforms.

The screen has three areas; waveform drawing area, control selection, utility functions.

In the waveform drawing area you can drag your finger to change or draw a new shape that affects the sounds playing.

Control selection has eight options that control the sound –

  • Red: Primary waveform.
  • Orange: Primary frequency (i.e. the main melody).
  • Yellow: Secondary waveform (used as amplitude or frequency modulation of the first waveform, or as a second oscillator).
  • Green: Secondary frequency.
  • Cyan: Envelope (i.e. the volume shape for the playing sound).
  • Blue: Envelope frequency.
  • Purple: Mixer control, between the playing sound and any running loop.
  • Magenta: Low-pass filter cutoff frequency.

Utility functions are eight options that control how the waveform is edited and looping –

  • Draw: When this option is selected the waveform changes instantly as you draw it.
  • Slide: When this option is selected the waveform will slide from its current value to what you draw.
  • Line: When this option is selected the waveform will change a horizontal line at the point selected. On the Primary waveform (Red) this option is not allowed.
  • Sine: When this is pressed the waveform will become more like a sine wave.
  • Overtone: When this is pressed a 2nd harmonic will be added.
  • Soften: When this is pressed any rough edges on the current waveform will be softened
  • Record: Pressing this will start a loop being recorded. If Record is pressed again after starting to record an echo of the time between presses will be created.
  • Play: If Record has been pressed then pressing Play after it will create a loop of what was playing between the presses. If a loop is already playing, pressing Play again will stop it.

The app is priced at $0.99.

Wravend - Gareth Robinson

KORG Performance!!!! – monotribe + mini kaoss pad 2 Pt.1 –

MIDI Designer Drumpads

MIDI Designer Pro - Confusionists LLC

NanoStudio coming to Windows 8

Discchord reveals all, well at least some anyway.

Audulus remembers everything you do!

This is the kind of update that you could quite easily overlook, but you really shouldn’t. Now that Audulus has unlimited undo it becomes an even more powerful tool on your iPad. It gives you the ability to step back and revisit your happy accidents and make something more from them.

Anyway, here’s the detail of the update:

  • Added Undo/Redo buttons! Undo is unlimited, and history is not lost when you close a patch.
  • Added Lock Mode. Tap the lock button to prevent nodes from being moved.

Audulus - Wilson Holliday

iDensity update

iDensity gets a little update. Here’s what’s new:

  • iOs 5.1 support
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch universal app
  • Exponential Slider for Density and Grano Length
  • SnapshotsPad more fast (speedlimit update)
  • Some UI improvements (FileManager and Dropbox)
  • Waveform rotation size bug fixed
  • Accelerometer for the Wave Scrub

iDensity - apeSoft

Chordion is still on sale

Chordion is still on sale with the price down from $1.99 to $0.99.

Chordion - Olympia Noise Co.

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