What to expect in Caustic 2.1

Whilst I was nosing around the Caustic site I found this about the next release, which looks quite good.


  • Reduced playback buffer size, so latency should be noticeable reduced (by ~33%, but still high) on Android. No change in what’s displayed because that’s the OS Latency and I can’t change that.
  • New menu button in the lower control bar as well as “Back” arrows throughout for devices with no OS support for soft buttons.
  • Global shuffle, applies to all machines (can be overridden per-machine or per-pattern)
  • -Vertical layout (portrait mode) showing multiple machines at once for 7″+ devices (can be enabled on any device through the options menu)
  • Customizable keyboard and pianoroll key sizes (can be changed in the options menu)
  • MIDI controller support. You’ll need a device that supports USB on the GO + Android 3.1 or greater + a USB OTG cable + and a MIDI keyboard that works without special drivers.
  • Launch the app first, then connect your MIDI controller. An Android popup will show asking for permission for Caustic to use the USB device. You can change channel mapping config in menu–& MIDI.
  • Better finger tracking with the onscreen keyboards. Fingers drifting off the keyboard won’t accidentally press buttons or knobs.
  • Support for most WAV formats: 8-16-24-32-64bit, mono or stereo, any samplerate.
  • Envelope times now go up to 3 seconds, using an exponential knob mapping instead of linear.
  • Cleaner file browser, double-tap to load file.

Pattern Editor:
All machines now use the same pattern editor so most of the new features apply to everything. Beatbox has some exceptions because it’s not a traditional pianoroll)
Some of these new features also apply to the sequencer’s pianoroll when appropriate.

  • Option to sound newly placed notes (on by default, can be toggled in menu–>options)
  • Double-tap a note to delete it.
  • Select notes using marquee (drag box) selection + time-based selection. Press “Sel” button up top for access to these.
  • Longer patterns: 1,2,4 or 8 measures. Long-press any of the pattern buttons to bring up the options for that pattern and change the pattern length.
  • Smaller note increments: support for up to 64th notes. Long-press any of the pattern buttons to bring up the options for that pattern and change the smallest note size.
  • Transpose + Shift control on patterns. Long-press any of the pattern buttons to bring up the options for that pattern and use the transpose and shift buttons to modify the pattern.
  • Global shuffle override: Long-press any of the pattern buttons to bring up the options for that pattern and set the override shuffle for that pattern.


  • 2 New LFO targets: OSC2 octave and semitone.


  • Automatically detects embedded loop points when loading WAV files
  • Set root-/ow/high key using the keyboard (long-press the buttons to set)
  • Improved loop point editor with quick access to play modes as well as play cursor visualization.
  • Displays sample names for single note mappings in pattern editor


  • Standard, playable keyboard.
  • Removed note range limit.
  • Assignable LFO (square wave pulse width, filter cutoff or volume)
  • Built-in distortion effect.
  • Ability to save presets
  • Glide and accent now supported through pattern editor.


  • Bigger preview buttons
  • Custom kits are now saved to a single “lumped” archive containing all required sample data.


  • New parametric EQ insert effect

Song Sequencer:

  • Ability to insert measures into songs (with no loop set, long-press in the timeline where you want to insert patterns)
  • Ability to trim measures from songs ( select the portion to trim using the loop cursors, then long-press inside the loop on the ruler)
  • A scroll bar to quickly jump through time
  • Play cursor “follow” mode, which can be toggled.

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