Echo Pad 1.01 submitted

Looking through this it seems like a pretty big update so soon. Anyway, here’s the news from the developer:

UPDATE: I’ve been working hard and decided to re-submit the 1.01 update to Echo Pad so I could include a few user requested features and bugfixes. It has been submitted and awaiting approval. It will not be here this week as originally planned, sorry. Thanks to all who have contacted me with feature requests and/or bug reports, I appreciate it! 🙂
Here’s what’s coming in the update.

Echo Pad 1.01 update

New features:

  • NEW scratch loopers! In addition to the main looper, these new mini loopers allow you to quickly record a loop and manipulate the playback speed/direction by dragging. These loopers are also routed back through the FX, so you can further manipulate the sound after the loop is recorded.
  • NEW delay type: Fall (echoes cascade down in pitch with each repeat)
  • enable/disable audio input. Use this to turn off external audio input when playing back and processing audio from the pasteboard.
  • toggle background audio on/off.
  • added audio metronome


  • improved slider response
  • improved BPM detection when setting BPM from first loop
  • reverb improved
  • changed font of control labels for better legibility


  • looper control buttons response now fixed
  • fixed bug under certain conditions which could cause loud bursts of noise, then kill audio input when using delay with very high feedback settings
  • fixed bug causing clicks in exported loop audio files
  • fixed bug when exporting and importing pasted audio when using a USB audio interface, the files were incorrectly upsampled 2x resulting in pasted audio playing back at incorrect speed. This is now fixed.

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