A Touch of Wizdom

“A fun look at the apps created by Wizdom Music.”

Monotribe + iMS-20 with SyncKontrol and WIST

Lots of detail on the set up at Disschord.

KORG Performance!!!! – kaossilator 2 + mini kaoss pad 2 Pt.1 –

xoxbox through evolver (iDesignSound video)


“Woke up this morning and had a sudden urge to run the xoxbox through the dsi evolver for some crazy delay/distortion/feedback fun.

Sorry about the bad audio quality. I just grabbed my iPhone for a quick video ;-)”

RizeTronic – synth

The RizeTrionic is a dual oscillator lofi synth with a chopper circuit and twin filters.

Gestrument (video)

Gestrument - Jesper Nordin

^ [xor] synth – prototype

Video description:

thanks to Tim Barrass for the amazing Mozzi library
Arduino programming compatible – running on atmega 328
open source
based on fraAngelico synthesizer

  • MIDI Input
  • polyphony 6 voices
  • velocity sensitive
  • selectable wavetable (sine,saw,triangle,noise)
  • selectable bitoperator that modulates the wave (xor, or, and)
  • overflow distortion
  • envelope
  • lfo
  • presets
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