So, let’s have a go at a wait list as I haven’t posted one for a while now. Here’s what I think should be on it:

  • FL Studio for Android
  • NWave from Tempo Rubato / Waldorf
  • AudioBus (although it really is not long to wait now we hope)
  • Csound (from Boulanger Labs, maker of csGrain)
  • csClassics – a collection of FM/AM/Additive/Waveshaping instruments (from Boulanger Labs)
  • csModel – a collection of Physical Modeling instruments (from Boulanger Labs)
  • csSpectral – vocoding, convolution, and spectral processing (from Boulanger Labs)
  • csVoice – a vocal synthesizer (from Boulanger Labs)
  • csFuzz – a guitar effects processor (from Boulanger Labs)
  • csGen – an algorithmic composer (from Boulanger Labs)
  • Something, anything from Jasuto?
  • Akai MPC app 
  • Tabletop add-ons for Vocal Processing 
  • Ninja Jamm (now postponed until the end of the summer)
  • Miselu Neiro (ok, this is probably a long way off, but I thought it would be nice to get it on the list.) 
  • A couple more apps from Jonatan Liljedahl, but no idea about what they are as yet

Anything else I’ve missed? There always is …

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