0 comments on “Squier Strat Guitar with USB & iOS Connectivity”

Squier Strat Guitar with USB & iOS Connectivity

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Rheyne – 11/12/12 – Live Jam #61

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REACTABLE: Testing "Oliver Huntemann" app (Víctor Sánchez)

I’ve only just started playing with this app (the video isn’t mine), but so far I quite like it and I’m not usually a fan of artist apps.

Reactable Huntemann - Reactable Systems SL

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Audulus for Mac loads iPad patches

Great news for Audulus users (iPad or Mac). Audulus for Mac now loads patches created with Audulus for iPad! I’m not sure (and haven’t tried either) if this works in reverse though. Anyone know?

Audulus for iPad
Audulus - Wilson Holliday

Audulus for Mac
Audulus - Wilson Holliday

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MIDI on the way to Auria

iOS Musician posts that an “extensive MIDI implementation” is coming to Auria. No ideas on timescale as yet, but good to hear, and, if I remember correctly, they’re going to bring Audiobus too. Let me know if I’ve got that last bit wrong.

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Samplr · Play Modes

Samplr - Marcos Alonso

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Samplr for iPad

Samplr - Marcos Alonso

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Samplr for iPad arrives

Another innovative app for your iPad …

Samplr lets you make music and play with sound in a new and intuitive way by touching the waveform on the screen directly with your fingers. Explore the sounds melody and texture using the different play modes and create your music compositions with the gesture recorder.

The sound at your fingertips.
With an interface designed for live performance, Samplr gives the musician quick and precise access to all the instrument functionality at any time. Unlike other apps that try to recreate real life instruments or interaction concepts from traditional computers Samplr was designed from the very beginning for Multi-Touch devices.

A fully fledged instrument.

  • 7 different play modes: Slicer, Looper, E-bow, Tape, Scratch, Keyboard and Loop Player.
  • 6 simultaneous samples (with 6 voices each).
  • 5 sound effects per sample: Distortion, Filter, Amplitude Modulator, Feedback Delay and Reverb.
  • Gesture recorder.
  • High quality audio engine.
  • Detailed user guide.
  • Import your own samples (WAV) through iTunes.
  • Ready to use sample library.

The app is priced at $4.99.

Samplr - Marcos Alonso

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sir sampleton updated …

Great to see this little sampler app which first arrived just under two years ago get updated with some great new features:

  • Download samples from our website and send in your own samples for others to download
  • Full screen support for iPhone 5 and iPad (new iPad control layouts coming soon)
  • Transpose option
  • Velocity to pitch option
  • New multichannel midi allows you to put a different sample on each MIDI channel
  • MIDI stuck note bugfix for some MIDI devices
  • Menu and sample buttons now clear any stuck notes (panic)

sir Sampleton - SOFTOFT TECHECH

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Arpie – Bouncing Ball Music Sequencer

Looks like fun but not too much more.

Arpie - Keijiro Takahashi

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