Music Tech Fest event this Thursday (confirmed)

Details are here, and it looks like it’ll be an interesting evening, here’s what to expect …

Our guest speakers are Robert Kaye, Professor Mark Plumbley and Dr George Fazekas.
Robert Kaye is founder and lead developer of MusicBrainz, and President and Executive Director of the MetaBrainz Foundation. MusicBrainz is the leading open source project for music metadata on the internet. It utilizes an approach similar to Wikipedia to curate high quality metadata and to assign unique identifiers for metadata entities. These identifiers allow for unambiguous communication about music through its global metadata delivery network that includes customers like Google, BBC,, Grooveshark, Amazon and AOL.

Professor Mark Plumbley will introduce the work of the Centre for Digital Music (C4DM), Queen Mary, University of London. The Centre is a world-leading multidisciplinary research group in the field of Music & Audio Technology, investigating topics such as music information retrieval, music scene analysis, semantic audio processing, object-based audio coding, human machine interaction and digital performance. With its broad range of skills and a strong focus on making innovation usable, the Centre for Digital Music is ideally placed to work with industry leaders in forging new business models for the music industry.
Dr George Fazekas will be talking about technologies developed at the Centre for Digital Music, including knowledge transfer initiatives, such as their content-based recommendation technology currently trialled by the BBC and iLikeMusic, the BBC Desktop Jukebox and research tools such as the Sonic Visualiser, which is widely used within the music information retrieval community.

So if you’re going to be there let me know and say hello!

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