Well that was quite a week

I thought that as it has been a busy week I’d do a bit of a review of this week in case you missed anything. Here goes:

  • GrainProc, a granular sample manipulator arrived (and it’s free)
  • SonicMaps, an app for geolocating sounds arrived. I still need to try this out.
  • The QuNexus controller arrives on KickStarter and there’s still plenty of time to fund it.
  • Chordion updates and adds MIDI, this video shows you what you need to know
  • We get news of what’s coming in Genome 1.1.2
  • TB MIDI Stuff gets a big update
  • And StepPolyArp gets an update after a long time
  • Amidio say that there’s an update on the way for Hexatone and for Noise.IO Pro, we really hope so.
  • Reactable launch their first artist branded app, Reactable Huntemann.
  • Mouse on Mars take to Crowdfunding their iPhone app with Peter Kirn from CDM.
  • News of Gree-Do, an experimental electronic act from Tenerife who are using mobile music tech and apps in their live work
  • Looking for top ten lists again, I’ll be starting to post them from next week. Comment them in here, or email them to me.
  • PPG Free arrives
  • SoundBeam gives us video recording
  • Music Studio 2.1 adds a sampler and much more
  • Eurypharynx is a new and intriguing synth for your iPad
  • BeatEvolve arrives with patterns and evolution for your music
  • Looks like there may be a music tech fest event this coming Thursday if you’re around in London
  • WOPR arrives for your iPad and it looks awesome!
  • And finally … Lucky Frame release their teaser video for their new game Wave Trip. It looks great to me.

Well here’s to another packed week next week! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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