Sinusoid a very cool update …

  • Adding universal layout, 3.5 inch, 4 inch and iPad.
  • Adding page navigator. Slides in from right, partly visible on ipad at all times.
  • Adding duplicate to copy/paste.
  • Small change in button appearance and layout.
  • Changing “turn upside down menu”.
  • Adding delay effect.
  • Adding bitcrush effect.
  • Changing “turn left menu”.
  • Changing bars to wheels/knobs.
  • Adding control for drum channel.
  • Adding rc bandpass filter.
  • Changing “turn right menu”.
  • Adding save to all menu settings.
  • Adding file manager, opens on device face down.
    • Play, stop.
    • Delete.
    • Export to email, soundcloud and MAPI audio copy.

Sinusoid - Erik Sigth

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