Scape + Figure jam#3 (24 hOurs)

AmpliTube on iPad mini

Actually, it looks quite cool on the iPad Mini.

AmpliTube for iPad - IK Multimedia

Handmade paper EcoStand/dock for iPhone 4 – 4S – 5

I saw this at iOS Musician and thought it was well worth passing on. You can get it for a small donation here.

Circuit Bent Gameboy (Shock-Boy)

Via GetLoFi.

Lucky Frame at it again with Wave Trip …

Not a music making app, but a musical adventure, whatever that means! I did enjoy Bad Hotel though, so I’ll look forward to this one too. If you don’t know their work, you should take a look.

Lucky Frame

Beatsurfing on Belgian National TV

I couldn’t embed this video, but you can find the video here and watch from about 1 minute 10 seconds.

The video’s here.

Sinusoid gets updated

Sinusoid a very cool update …

  • Adding universal layout, 3.5 inch, 4 inch and iPad.
  • Adding page navigator. Slides in from right, partly visible on ipad at all times.
  • Adding duplicate to copy/paste.
  • Small change in button appearance and layout.
  • Changing “turn upside down menu”.
  • Adding delay effect.
  • Adding bitcrush effect.
  • Changing “turn left menu”.
  • Changing bars to wheels/knobs.
  • Adding control for drum channel.
  • Adding rc bandpass filter.
  • Changing “turn right menu”.
  • Adding save to all menu settings.
  • Adding file manager, opens on device face down.
    • Play, stop.
    • Delete.
    • Export to email, soundcloud and MAPI audio copy.

Sinusoid - Erik Sigth

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