So, where is Ninja Jamm?

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Ninja Tune is an independent record label based in London. Ninjatune will release their first music app Ninja Jamm in June 2012; Matt will introduce its first sight by the public, combined with a sweep across other leading music apps. Ninja Tune was created in 1990 by DJ/remix/sampling pioneers Coldcut, Matt Black & Jonathon More and pioneering beats and bass music, the label quickly achieved notoriety, due to its funky style and commitment to eclecticism. Key in the label’s success was the diverse character within the growing roster.

With the mixing and multi-media innovation of Coldcut, the studio know-how, DJ and musical expertise of the artists, the strong graphics of Openmind, and a priority on business with integrity, Ninja prides itself on delivering quality music while serving its artists in a way that no major label could. Acts such as Amon Tobin, Cinematic Orchestra, Mr Scruff and Bonobo are some of the top names in todays electronic scene. In 2010 Ninja celebrated 20 years with a massive XX boxset and series of parties. In 2011 they signed the cutting edge Brainfeeder label and blew minds with the outrageous new Amon Tobin live show.
‘We deliver next generation beatnological manipulation’
Ninja Jamm is on… the new audio app from Ninjatune and Seeper…

Ninja Jamm is a free, easy to use, touch-controlled, four channel sample mixer with a range of instant effects, featuring tunes from Ninja’s catalogue past and present. Current Ninjas such as Toddla T, Bonobo, Mr Scruff and Coldcut are featured, and Brainfeeder act Martyn also joins the party. Combining aspects of DJing, remixing and producing, the app lets anyone experience the enjoyment of playing with electronic music. As each tune plays, the user can switch seamlessly between the original licks and specially generated remix clips, whilst glitching and effecting each channel and firing oneshot samples over the top. Unlike many other music apps, the Jamm experience is very hands-on – not a rigid sequencer, it emphasises immediacy- the user’s human feel is their key to enjoying abundant remix possibilities. Jamm and record, create a killer version of a favourite Ninja Tune and share it with the world through Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.

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