Gree-Do, experimental electronic improve from Tenerife

I love hearing from people who are making music with mobile devices and apps, so it was great to hear from Silvia (aka PSGirl) Gree-Do. Here’s what they say about themselves:

Gree-Do use mobile instruments on stage for experimental electronic music improvisation. Gree-Do, from Tenerife, are David Ramos and Javier Tapia. Last Saturday they gave their first live concert, and Javier Tapia used (among other equipment) a Korg Monotribe an iPad running NodeBeat and an iPhone with iRig as an effect unit for his electric guitar.

David used a Korg Kaossilator too. For the last theme of the concert they invited PSGirl to join the improvisation who used Animoog with a collection of sounds made by herself.

I’m hoping we’ll get to see a video of the performance soon.

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