FL Studio Mobile 2 | Introducing Audio

FL Studio Mobile HD - Image Line Software

VocaLive on iPad mini – Your vocal rig just got REALLY mobile!

VocaLive for iPad - IK Multimedia

SampleTank on iPad mini – Get REALLY mobile with your keyboard rig!

SampleTank - IK Multimedia

iGrand Piano on iPad mini – Get REALLY mobile with your keyboard rig!

iGrand Piano for iPad - IK Multimedia

Rheyne – 11/6/12 – Live Jam #60

Mouse on Mars: WretchUp, an Instrument for iPhone

Here’s what the video description tells you about the app:

WretchUp is a unique handheld effect and instrument for the iPhone that anyone can play. Developed by Mouse on Mars, it’s easy to learn, but also sophisticated enough that it’s heavily used in their live shows and new albums. Now with your help, we want to bring it to everyone.

We’re launching an IndieGogo campaign to support developing WretchUp for all iOS users. (With enough funding, we’ll port to Android, too.) We’ll share exclusive music, updates from the band and development team, and more with backers – plus, of course, the app. And the entire project will be open source, including iOS projects and a free Pure Data (Pd) patch for users of any OS.

Here, Andi and Jan explain what the app is about and how they use it.

See you on IndieGogo!
Peter KIRN, createdigitalmusic.com
Jan St. Werner, Mouse on Mars
Andi Toma, Mouse on Mars

Shot at Mouse on Mars’ studio at the Funkhaus, Berlin; edited by Peter Kirn

You can fund the project too:


News on next batch of Anushri kits

If you missed out on a kit and want to know more there’s some good news over at Mutable Instruments.

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