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Reactable Oliver Huntemann


The new interactive music album powered by Reactable available on the Apple App Store on November 7, 2012.

Interesting to see them go down this route, I wondered how long it would take. We’ll see what it’s like tomorrow.

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A bit of iPhase

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New Noisepad site

The lovely people at Noisepad have a pretty new web site. Go have a look.

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Amidio to bring Noise.IO Pro and Hexatone back?

Good news following my post on Amidio:


A new version of Noise.IO Pro and a revamped Hexatone would be lovely. I hope we don’t have to wait too long now.

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iPad mini GarageBand Keyboard Demonstration iPad

This is a test play of GarageBand keyboard on the iPad mini. I wanted to know its key pitch. That’s not bad.

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Remember this?

I found myself playing with this on my old 3G the other day and remembering how good it was when it came out. I still think it’s a worthwhile app but Amidio have pulled it from the app store now so unless you had it originally you won’t see Star Piano again I think.

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Feed – Official Release Promo Video (from a couple of months ago)

Feed – Official Release Promo Video from djgunn on Vimeo.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this when it came out or not, but even if I didn’t I really like the launch video and I think it’s a good idea for an app, I hope it keeps going and adds some features, like FX for example.

Feed - Incidental

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Circuits.io: Circuit design in your browser

Crazy cascade of one-shots from circuits.io on Vimeo.


Circuits.io is an in-your-browser circuit design tool, that makes it fun and easy to design, share and produce electronic circuits. This video gives an overview of the features of circuits.io.

Not mobile I know, but I thought it might be useful to anyone who does any circuit design work out there.

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Music iPad App: Impaktor


Music Ipad App first look at Impaktor drum synthesizer. This amazing app turns any surface into a musical percussion pad. The sonic possibilities of this app are endless. Get your sampling hats on and create amazing sounds. Impaktor is $4.99 from the itunes store.

Impaktor - The drum synthesizer - BeepStreet

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What a shame that Hexatone is no more

I actually thought that this was a really good app but it’s another that Amidio have decided isn’t needed any more.

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