StepPolyArp – Midi Step Polyphonic Arpeggiator update

StepPolyArp – Midi Step Polyphonic Arpeggiator updates with some nice new features:

  • New Midi engine improving accuracy
  • Automatic chaining patterns
  • Internal sound bank
  • Adding a tap tempo
  • Midi control input can be deactivated
  • Improved undo manager
  • The Midi output can be saved with the preset
  • The speed can be modified from a popover menu
  • A different Midi channel can be assigned to each line pattern and each controller
  • iOS 6 support

StepPolyArp - Midi Step Polyphonic Arpeggiator - Laurent Colson

TB MIDI Stuff gets a big update

Entirely rebuilt, TB MIDI Stuff v2.0 adds a lot of new features like:

  • Universal App (can open TB MIDI Tiny Stuff pages)
  • Up to 128 pages can be opened at the same time (even on iPad 1st Gen !!!), organized on a 2D pages canvas
  • Visual Control Selector
  • Variables (Application, Page, User and Control)
  • Brand New Controls : Pick List and Piano Keyboard (with Arpeggiator Track on each)
  • Full RGB colors on controls
  • Custom Image Backgrounds
  • Custom Tooltips on Sliders
  • Gyroscope support with compatible devices (Pitch/Roll simulation on iPad 1)

TB MIDI Stuff - TBStuff

Genome 1.1.2 Update on the way

Another update for Genome is on the way. Here’s what’s coming in 1.1.2:


  • Better visual feedback on patterns that are playing

Piano Roll

  • Fixed bug with ‘View Snap’ zoom mode that was causing view to jump around
  • Added a ‘dead zone’ on zooming so zooming doesn’t occur immediately
  • Added scrollbars for easier navigation
  • Fixed Pattern Mini-map
  • Fixed a serious bug with changing note lengths

Pattern Playback

  • It is now possible to have notes that stretch past the end of the pattern without being cut off as soon as the pattern ends
  • Fixed a bug on switching song steps that would kill all playing notes.
  • Some under-the-hood changes to the way looping works (mainly for the above change)


  • Notes that extend past the end of the pattern will no longer be broken into two notes (see pattern playback changes)

Panic button

  • Instead of just sending the ‘all notes off’ CC’s, it also sends actual note offs just in case.


  • Updated MIDI Mobilizer library
  • Background Mode changes. It’s now easier to do external clock sync while Genome is in the background. If Genome is not playing, it will wait in the background for 15 minutes unless you toggle the ‘background’ button in the settings (which will cause it to sleep immediately). If Genome is playing, it will run in the background until stopped.
  • Added options for controlling Latency Compensation for MIDI Sync (sync-in and out)

Genome MIDI Sequencer - White Noise Audio Software

iPulsaret [video]

iPulsaret is a granular synthesis. An awesome Granular Synthesizer able to generate a wide range of common and unusual effects: time/pitch shifting, time/pitch jittering, intricate textures, grain fountain/pulverizer, recording and manipulation of buffers, dynamic envelope shapes and many more. iPulsaret allows you to load from built-in sound samples, record audio directly with your iPad mic and/or add your own .WAV, .AIFF files via iTunes. A DropBox access is also available as the Sonoma AudioCopy / Paste feature. I really love the quality of the generated sound, the big x / y Pad which allows you to load 4 Snapshots (one for each corner). A must have for sound designers. A Killer App!

iPulsaret - apeSoft

frauAngelico demo

frauAngelico demo from standuino on Vimeo.

frauAngelico – drum synthesizer based on fraAngelico
sample based drum synthesizer with microsampling possibilities and step-sequencer!

  • sample based polyphonic plaback (6 voices)
  • 8 fully adjustable sounds for each preset that can be triggered by midi or by built in sequencer
  • microsampling features to adjust the sound ( loop length, shift speed, start, cut)
  • bitCrusher, pitchDown, softVolume
  • sample rate knob
  • step sequencer with record feature, tap tempo, pattern length and shuffle
  • it can store 6 double-patterns (32 steps = 8 beats) in each preset
  • 4 presets
  • double pedal input 3.5mm stereo jack connector for shift and monome button
  • various sample banks (TR-808, 8-BIT, BASIC)

Using Chordion to control Animoog and Magellan

That looks like it could get very interesting indeed.

Video description:

Chordion’s new MIDI mode allows you to control other synthesizers using MIDI. Here we explain how to use Virtual MIDI to control Animoog with the keyboard and Magellan with the chord hexagons.

Chordion - Olympia Noise Co.

Now everybody’s getting into iPad Music courses

It looks like lots more people must want to get going with iPad music or this sort of thing wouldn’t come about.

Details via Facebook.

Square Loop – Hotelroom Experiment

Explore the world of loops by the very basic. Use your mouth, your hands, feet, shoes or everything else you’ve got around to record small sounds and arrange them with Square Loop.

The app supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iPad mini.

Square Loop - RobStar UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Reminder: QuNexus on Kickstarter

A little reminder that this amazing keyboard controller is on kickstarter and looks like it provides pretty much everything that I’d want in a controller.

Reason controlled by Sonic Logic iPad MIDI Controller

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