Psycho Friday 9.0 with AB-Lemur Bundle

Lemur - Liine

Echo Pad – Tutorial – AudioPaste into Echo Pad

Echo Pad – Tutorial – Quick looping/stutter

Echo Pad – Tutorial – Export to AudioShare

Echo Pad – Tutorial – BPM sync, Tap Tempo

Echo Pad for iPad/iPhone (Universal app) – Coming soon!

Music iPad App: Funkbox

FunkBox Drum Machine - Synthetic Bits, LLC

BitCode by sunsineaudio

Audio demos of Sunsine Audio’s new BitCode collection. Available to buy here for just $2.49.

Six Monotribes Live (is really what caught my eye)

20121101 – BakaOscillator Ver. (Original music by A.Madarame

Sonner (sound toy) has arrived

A simple little sound toy. Here’s the description:

Simple and relaxing sound toy. Touch and listen to the sweet sound of chimes, drag to bend and vibrate.

And it’s free too.

Sonner - Kenichi Yoneda

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