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Custom Korg Monotron + 8 Step Sequencer – KORG Octotron Mini Modular Synthesizer

Isn’t this a thing of beauty?

Video Description:

Here is the demo explanation to my custom korg monotron. The monotron is paired with an 8 step analogue sequencer based off of the MK107 running light kit.

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Modified Monotron / Semi-Modular Tron Jam

Video description:

Filthy little modified Monotron jam: LFO out to gate in, 1 sequencer feeds CV to pitch in, another sequencer feeds CV to manipulate the LFO’s rate. ////This Tron is a beast! ////// Mods: CV in for pitch, gate, filter cutoff and LFO rate. External LFO out with depth control knob. Two 1/4″ outs, two 1/4″ inputs for the filter and a master volume knob. Also added an over drive feature.

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Semi-Modular Monotron

Video Description:

Modified Korg Monotron: Mods: CV in for Gate, Pitch, Filter Cutoff and LFO rate. LFO out with depth knob, overdrive, two 1/4″ ins for the Filter and two 1/4″ audio outs.

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In case you missed this … QuNexus on KickStarter

I posted this yesterday, but it is such a cool idea that I thought I ought to remind you. Having said that KickStarter is already costing me a load of cash so perhaps I shouldn’t share so many things from it.

Anyway, what’s your view on the QuNexus?

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Reaktor Tips Poll on Touch Screen Controllers

If you use stuff like Lemur and TouchOSC then vote in this poll at Reaktor tips blog.

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Mixtape Alpha

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Mixtape Alpha – Synth Demo.

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Clear or Colour?

Both look great though don’t they?

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Mixtape alpha 2

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BeatEvolve Trailer

Whilst it doesn’t look a lot too different to something like Aurora. However, I like the rules and evolution features which could be really interesting to play with. There’s no word on MIDI though, that would be useful.

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