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QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller


Apart from this being a really cool video (I love the ending, it made me laugh), the product looks totally amazing!

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About that Audiobus video …

Having looked at all the audiobus video we got from Tuesday night the audio quality isn’t very good, so at least for the moment I won’t be posting it until I can come up with a way of cleaning it up.

However, it does look like there are going to be some more actual demo videos coming out of the audiobus team itself soon, so that’s something worth looking forward to.

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Workshop in how to make iOS Music apps this Sunday

If you’re interested to learn how to make audio apps for iOS then take a look at this course on Sunday in Hackney.

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iPad and Midi Fighter Drum Rack with BeatMaker2

Video description:

With the most recent update of coreMidi to iOS 6.0, a All-in-one Camera Connection Kit for iPad ($3.00) from Amazon.com, an iPad2, the BeatMaker2 App ($19.99), a DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter Classic controller and a Midi over USB cable you can now import and play Ableton Live drum racks or any samples using just a midi fighter and iPad.

You can now jam with friends on the go, or play sound packs with your midi fighter controller without the need of a laptop, Ableton Live, Traktor, etc.

Samples used in this Demo are From DJ Tech Tools’ Mad Zach Soundpack 23 – Jazzy McFly and the Westside Riders

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Retronyms Mobile Meet Up on Monday

If you’re interested and can make it here are the details.

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monotribe + amplug demo – ONETIME / BakaOscillator.

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Primitive Digital Facebook page

Primitive Digital, the makers of Beat-Machine have a nice facebook page. You can find it here.

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Konkreet Performer & Korg MS-20 + SQ-10 Live Jam

Konkreet Performer - Konkreet Labs

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iDensity updates and goes universal

iDensity gets an update for iOS6 and also goes universal at the same time. Here’s what’s new:

  • Update to iOS 6
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch universal app (iPhone 5 supported)
  • Exponential Slider for Density and Grano Length
  • SnapshotsPad more fast (speed-limit update)
  • Some UI improvements (FileManager and Dropbox)
  • Waveform rotation size bug fixed

iDensity - apeSoft

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Apps that I wish had been updated: midiPhon iPhone Sound Synthesier and Sequencer

Remember this? One of the few modular apps to appear on the app store. It hasn’t been updated in well over a year now although the site is still up.

It had loads of potential as it was (is) SS25 and MIDI Mobilizer compliant too.

It’s a shame it didn’t get more attention, but that is, sadly, just a fact of life.

midiPhon - PDP Innovation ApS

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