In case you missed it from earlier … Synergy Studio has arrived!

You can find my original post here, or click below to see it on the app store.

Synergy Studio -

Auria 50% for today only

Auria 50% for 1 day only. Get it for just $24.99.

Auria - WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

What’s coming along from tomorrow?

In case you missed this from yesterday …

Starting on Saturday the 1st of December we’ve got a few things planned to cheer you up every day all the way up to Christmas.

I won’t spoil the surprise, but keep watching and from Saturday morning there’ll be something new to look forward to every day from Palm Sounds, iOS Musician, Discchord, iDesignSound and iOS Music and You.

Stay tuned, not long to wait now …

Interesting places to make music

In a hammock, up a tree, about three years ago. I was going over some old photos and found this one.

DJ Player is currently free

DJ Player is currently free, it was priced at $44.99.

DJ PLAYER - iMect Ltd.

Are you ready Girl (Sunrizer Remix) by ACSY

Track description:

I have only played a bit with the Sunrizer Synth. Here, the following is formed. All sounds (except Bassdrum and Clap) are made with the Sunrizer Synth App for the Apple iPad. All sounds made by myself. No Standard presets used. Only used some Standard reverb effect from Cubase and Sidechain.

Original Song by Flo-Rida vs Deniz Koyu vs Junior Sanchez vs Shawnee Taylor Are you ready Girl

Synergy Sound Studio for iPad Tutorial

Synergy Studio -

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