Music Box Composer update

Music Box Composer updates to 2.0. Here’s what’s new:

New! Support for 20 and 30 note strips added, with new recordings from physical 20 and 30 note music boxes: switch between strip types in the Options dialog.

Extendable strips – extend the strip length as much as you need for a single strip, with extended strips exporting to JPG as up to 10 individual strips in a single image file. Access via the new ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to the right of the strip, so they are there when you need them.

New sample strips installed – ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Swan Lake’.


  • Delete strip button added to strips in the Loader.
  • Using 2 fingers to pan no longer sometimes adds notes – 2 finger panning should now be a reliable part of your music box composer workflow.
  • Fixed display of illegal music box notes (where a note cannot be followed by the same note without a quarter note delay)
  • Illegal notes were incorrectly only displayed if sharp notes were allowed.
  • With loop off, the current timeline is now left at the end of the strip rather than being returned somewhere.
  • Loading with more than 7 strips is not as jumpy.
  • The copy operation no longer clears the copy buffer if there are no notes selected.

Strips now export to JPG rather than PNG. Pre-editing of strip BG disabled due to memory limitations – edit the exported strips to customise.

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