In case you missed this … AudioSteam Lite has arrived

I mentioned this the other day, but you may have missed it so I thought I’d post it again especially because the developer is Ariel Elkin who is the organiser of the London Mobile Music Meet up which is set for Tuesday the 30th.

So if you did miss this, here’s what you missed:

Features of this amazing Steampunk-inspired app

  • Control realtime effects created by you and your environment through your iPhone or iPod!
  • Imagine having a personal theremin right on your device that you control by tilting it! || Or changing voice to sound like a robot. || Several different effects and settings to play with!
  • Great original story and instructions.
  • Beautiful Steampunk-inspired graphics and interface.
  • Great for both kids and adults!

Story behind AudioSteam

You’ve just inherited a most peculiar device from a relative you had long forgotten about. Your family had always said your Great Uncle was a mad man who dabbled in Sonic Alchemy. Obsessed with harassing sounds of an unearthly origin which he called “taming the audio steam”

Please plugin your headphones before using AudioSteam! iPod users: please plugin headphones with mic.

AudioSteam Lite - Ariel Elkin

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