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iOS Musician on Ableton acknowledging the mobile ecosystem for Live

This was just a short piece at iOS Musician, but it made me firstly look at Live 9 and especially the part of that page that talks about iOS and Android controllers, and also look at Push as well, and both of those things got me thinking.

Of course it’s good to see that Ableton acknowledge the many applications that have grown up around but it does make me wonder if they’ll ever do anything in the mobile space themselves. They don’t have to of course, other have done a very good job of it so far, so you could argue that it becomes less of a priority.

But the description of Push got me thinking. The refer to it as “An instrument for song creation that fits in your backpack with your laptop”, and that sounds kind of mobile to me, or at least heading in that direction.

It makes me wonder if in time we could see a Push Mikro in the same way as we saw Maschine Mikro? Who knows. One thing is for sure, Ableton acknowedge that mobile is not going away, that it’s a valuable part of the ecosystem and that you can’t ignore it.

That’s good enough for now.

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Synth1 Coming to iOS (via Matrixsynth)

I didn’t know about this software synth, but this post from Matrixsynth has lots more detail. My only thought is that it looks pretty hard to use on that iPhone in the picture. Reminds me of Rebirth.

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Watches video, realises there is no choice but to buy an OP-1 …

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Audiobus publishes the state of the bus

The lovely people at Audiobus publish a detailed view of where they’re at. Well worth a read, and what’s more if you come along to the London Mobile Music Makers meetup tomorrow night you can ask questions in person.

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MIDI Designer 1.4.0 Demo 2 of 2 (LPF)

MIDI Designer Pro - Confusionists LLC

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FL Studio Mobile 2 | What’s New?

All good stuff, but I don’t really understand the decision to make FL Studio Mobile HD a universal app. Anyone else get it? Did I miss something fundamental?

FL Studio Mobile HD - Image Line Software

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The Olive Shoots – Arcticus (video made with an iPad 3, really?)

According to the video description:

Music made with the iPhone 4 and video on the iPad 3.

For details of what app(s) were used, take a look here (thanks to iOS Musician).

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Whatever happened to Tympanum?

I’d been looking forward to this for some time. Now that it’s well over a year since it was due to go out I don’t think it’ll ever see the light of day.

What a shame.

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Free custom soundbanks for NanoStudio from Platinum Audiolab

Available from Platinum Audiolab right now. Here’s what they say about their new banks for NanoStudio:

We are huge fans of the versatile iOS daw app “Nanostudio” by Blip Interactive. As a way of saying “thanks” and to give something back to the community, we are offering our custom soundbanks exclusively for Nanostudio iPhone and iPad users. We have taken patches from some of our top-selling products and adapted them for use in Nanostudio’s EDEN synthesizer/sampler, as well as custom drum kits for the TRG-16 mpc styled drum machine that both come with Nanostudio. Also included is a Dubstep demo track completely composed using these sounds and loadable in Nanostudio.

You can find them here.

NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

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Look at the latency on that

Whilst Caustic 2 is actually a really good app on Android, but the latency is massive. Well, you can see it for yourself above. Even so, once it’s running it sounds great and I think it’s an excellent music app.