Changeling Sequencer update

Some new things and some fixes in the latest version of Changeling Sequencer. Here’s the detail:

1. Fixes a bug with the arpeggiator on IOS 6.

2. New MIDI IN features:

In Diatonic mode:

  • The white keys on your physical keyboard correspond with the on-screen scale degrees; C = I, D = ii etc.
  • The black keys are remapped to the serve the following functions:
    • Db: cycle scale down
    • Eb: cycle scale up
    • Gb: cycle root note down by the configured ‘modulation interval’ (default is semitone)
    • Ab: absolute root note change, the following key you press will be the root note
    • Bb: cycle root note up by the configured modulation interval

In Gated Input mode

  • All midi notes that are not part of the current scale are discarded.
  • This can be used for importing exisiting midi sequences into a pattern from an external midi sequencer/player.

When the Trigger screen is active in Changeling Sequencer,

  • Midi notes can be used to trigger patterns the default mapping starts at midi note 48
  • Triggers are added to the queue unless the velocity is larger than 100, then they will change the pattern immediately.
  • Use midi learn to assign midi CC’s to the available parameters.

Changeling Sequencer - TvanD

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