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Oscillators for iOS universal (free and fun looking)

Hmmm, don’t know how I missed this one! It looks like fun and it’s free too, and I quite like the fairly random description (below):

“Oscillators” is a new type sequencer. You can easily create a interesting music. Sound file is played when Oscillator (cute funny cube) pass through Tone cube. You can modify route of Oscillator by editing Map cube. Oscillating oscillators automatically play some minimal music or relaxing melodies.

Sorry!! I’ve just forgotton to mention about a camera rotation system.

Two finger swipe : camera rotation

Please enjoy!!

I’ve had requests from users and now I’m preparing for adding brand new bell & whistle sounds in the coming update!
I’ll add more sounds upon request, so plz don’t hesitate to drop us a request in the app review 😀

Oscillators - CA MOBILE,LTD.

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After a long time Click Space lite gets updated

Which is always a little cause for celebration in my book. Nice to see even the most minor of updates.

Click Space lite - Itheme

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Not directly mobile related but something that I hope will come to London

Peter Kirn wrote this post about the music makers event in September, and we briefly talked about it a couple of weeks ago.

I’d like to think that this is the sort of thing we could do in London, I mean, why not? In many ways CDR (as in the CDR Knowledge events in London and Berlin) is similar, and also the of course there’s the London Mobile Music event coming up in a couple of weeks too. So we’re not doing too badly for events I guess.

Even so, it would be good to see music makers come here too.

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Yamaha Visual Performer for iPhone/iPad

Visual Performer is a new type of application that allows you to graphically visualize their musical performance by connecting MIDI keyboards, electric drums or other MIDI instruments to your device. The selected graphic animation plays and changes in time with the pitch and intensity of the performance. You can enliven your stage performances by expressing themselves, musically and visually.

Visual Performer - Yamaha Corporation

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German podcast on Audiobus

I don’t speak German, but if you do there’s more Audiobus goodness in there.