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DMT 104 – Lossless Pono, Rdio & Artists, CD’s 30th and Megabox

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Music Hack Space Anniversary

This looks like a great event if you’re in London this Thursday. Full details here.

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Oscilloscope for iPad – Youscope demo

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Music Hack Day Boston details

Boston has been a great MHD in the past and the 2012 event should be no different. You can find the details here.

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Repeater coming to iOS from it’s DS origins

Great to see this original DS app coming in to the iOS world. I was a fan of it back then, I’m sure it’ll be great when it arrives.

Via Discchord.

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TANSU Synth arrives, but beware!

Ordinarily I’d be really interested in an app like this, but beware, the note at the end of the app’s description may restrict you.

The iOS application – which is named “TANSU (dresser)”, is a miniature version of a Modular Analog Synthesizer. This synthesizer is the same as the one used and mastered by Hideki Matsutake of LOGIC SYSTEM.

The sounds that were sampled and used for the VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) come directly from the actual “TANSU” owned by Hideki Matsutake himself. In addition, it also contains many original LOGIC SYSTEM recordings. The application condenses the fun, experience and sound of an actual modular synthesizer onto the small screen of an iPhone!!

What will the sound be like when using the application? This application is focused on providing the user with the feeling and excitement of using the actual synthesizer for which it is based.

Not only for a techno fan, but for any music lover!! Feel what it is like to create your own music!!
Try this application to experience the “the birth of sound and music.”

The main functions

Sound effects such as Shepard Tone and rhythms from music by LOGIC SYSTEM have been made directly into the sound source.

You can use your iPhones own music library as a sound source. (However, certain tracks which are covered under DRM may not be used).

Microphone function
You can use sounds which have been recorded with microphone.

Preset function
You can explore the potential of the TANSU Synth from various demo patterns. Moreover, it can be utilized as a tutorial for beginners.

VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator), VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter), VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier), LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator), EG (Envelope Generator)

Enhance the basic functionality of an analog synthesizer. (Various sound processing is possible.)

It has an 2 channel 8 step analog sequencer!

(We are planning to add a function for converting to a 1 channel 16 step sequencer)

You can enjoy connecting and reconnecting the patch cord to create sounds just as with a real synthesizer.

Three sound sources can be mixed by a three-channel mixer!

support:iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad(Over iOS5.0)

Commercial use of the works created by using this application is subject to the copyright clearance from right holders.

The app is priced at $4.99