Impaktor arrives

Impaktor has arrived at last. Here are the details:

Impaktor is a drum synthesizer with a vast sonic palette, that turns any surface into a playable percussion instrument.

You just slap your desk like you would a real drum. The real acoustical impulses from the built-in microphone are used as an excitation source for advanced sound modules that simulates behavior of membranes, cymbals, metallophones or strings. This makes Impaktor a highly responsive and expressive instrument.

With semi-modular architecture and several types of synthesis, Impaktor can produce a wide range of tones, from acoustic, like Tabla, Djembe, Marimba, Cymbals, Metal bars to electronic or industrial sounds.

Enjoy the most realistic virtual drumming experience available for mobile devices!

  • Works with iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Touch 4th gen and all iPads
  • The app requires headphones. Works best with headphones without built-in microphone.


  • Synthesis: physical modeling, frequency modulation, noise shaping
  • Semi-modular architecture; 2 modules with configurable routing
  • 2 modulation sources: velocity and lfo-envelope. Almost every parameter can be modulated
  • Multimode filter, harmonic exciter and several types of amplifiers
  • Over 90 presets available, more coming soon
  • No samples used
  • Ultra low latency


  • 6 tracks audio recorder
  • True 3d panning
  • Auto-quantization with configurable time-signature
  • Reverb and Delay effects
  • Audio-copy and wave export

Impaktor - The drum synthesizer - BeepStreet

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