FL Studio Mobile 2 | Coming Soon (Sampling Percussion)

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DJ Rig for iPad – Trailer


DMT 103 – THE Merger, Pandora’s Bill, Myspace & Windowing


Monotribe Improv (Raw Audio)


Noisepad gets a big update

A great update for Noisepad. Worth another look in my opinion. Here’s what’s new:

Organize samples

  • Organize samples into Soundbanks, drag ‘n drop them onto buttons and swap them around
  • Create as many Soundbanks as you like
  • Overview of all Soundbanks, purchased Soundpacks and custom samples
  • Rename or remove Soundbanks
  • Rename user samples

Sequencer / Record

  • Real-time sequencer: record your beats on the fly
  • Record up to 12 patterns, each with own variable length (1 – 99 bars)
  • Export pattern to WAV file
  • Erase single instrument from pattern or the whole pattern at once
  • Switch seamlessly between patterns: the next pattern is started after the current finishes
  • Copy / Paste patterns to other slots by holding the pattern button
  • Configurable BPM and Swing
  • Tap button to adjust BPM easilly
  • Toggle FX: effects applied to both pattern + tap pads or only tap pads
  • Jam with the tap pads while the pattern repeats

New Soundpacks in the shop:

  • Bong-ra Hardcore
  • Bong-ra Drum ‘n’ Bass
  • Bong-ra Dubstep
  • Loopbased We Love 808
  • Loopbased Dirty South Flava


  • Two new *free* preloaded soundpacks
  • Hold: press down starts sample, release stops it
  • Set the volume of each sample individually
  • Mute individual samples or let one sample play solo with a single button press

Noisepad - MediaGROE


FL Studio Mobile 2 | Coming Soon (Audio Recording)

FL Studio Mobile HD - Image Line Software


All Yonac apps going to $0.99 tomorrow.

To celebrate their 4 years on the app store Yonac will put all their apps on sale tomorrow for just $0.99. That’s a great opportunity to pick up some fantastic apps really cheaply.

Yonac Inc.