Make a WIRED OSC & MIDI Connection on Jailbroken iPad

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I’m going to start performing with the iPad, but I’ve been hesitant to use a wifi connection onstage. Apple’s camera connection kit seemed like a good solution for a MIDI connection, but left me hanging when it came to OSC communication.

Well, the solution is here! For about $30, I pieced together a way of establishing a stable connection using the basic iPad cable and a USB extension cord.

Here are the pertinent links for stuff you’ll need:

–If you haven’t jailbroken your iPad yet, you’ll need to do this to get this to work. It seems like there are many decent tutorials on how to do this, like…

–The USB extension cable: Technically this is optional if you want to get this up and running today, but you’ll probably need something like this if you want to use your iPad onstage.

–Get the Cydia App Store and download MyWi:

–I’m using the NLog MIDI Synth app in this video, but this technique should work for any synth app that accepts MIDI:

–And of course, the amazing TouchOSC App:

Via Discchord.

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