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Is crowdfunding better for hardware than apps?

I’ve noticed that a lot of hardware goes down really well on Kickstarter but not so much apps. I’m speaking here entirely in terms of music hardware / apps and I’ve no idea if the crowdfunded model works in other app categories like games etc.

It just seems to me to be far more accessible and tangible for hardware, whereas for apps it’s difficult to see how the app maker can reward people for funding the project. I think when we start to see crowdfunding platforms that allow backers to opt for equity things may change and apps may become a lot more popular in terms of raising money through this medium.

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LED jellyfish light suit

Interesting take on mobile music. Perhaps it is time to open the debate on wearable tech and music?

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DrumJam – External MIDI (new video)

Video description:

Here we have DrumJam being controlled over WiFi network MIDI by an Akai MPK49 attached to a nearby computer. The MIDI clock is being generated by the keyboard which DrumJam syncs to.

Learn more about the DrumJam iOS application from Sonosaurus LLC and Pete Lockett at:

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DrumJam – Record and Export (new video)

Video description:

DrumJam exporting a recorded loop via AudioCopy to ThumbJam. You can also use Open In, for apps that accept WAV file input, direct upload to SoundCloud, or email the WAV.

Yes, I know ThumbJam needs a landscape mode!!

Learn more about the DrumJam iOS application from Sonosaurus LLC and Pete Lockett at:

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DrumJam – Virtual MIDI (new video)

Drum Description:

Use DrumJam to control or be controlled via virtual MIDI and other compatible applications. In this video we show DrumJam alongside MoDrum and BassLine (from Finger). There are many apps supporting virtual MIDI nowadays….. buy them!

Learn more about the DrumJam iOS application from Sonosaurus LLC and Pete Lockett at:

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DrumJam – Intro (new video)

Video Description:

DrumJam is a whole new world of percussion and drums for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It’s an exciting and powerful tool, opening up the world of rhythm in a completely hands-on and inspiring way. Whether you are a novice just looking for a bit of rhythmic fun, a songwriter or producer looking for a fresh rhythmic idea, a percussion student writing arrangements for a project, a music teacher looking for rhythm ideas to teach, or a drum circle facilitator seeking to expand their repertoire, this app has something for you.


The app is designed by award winning international percussionist Pete Lockett and Sonosaurus LLC, the developer of ThumbJam. Pete has been top of his game for decades and has performed with the stars, from Peter Gabriel and Björk to Robert Plant, Dido, Jeff Beck and more. He has also worked extensively in the film industry, arranging and recording all the ethnic percussion for five Bond 007 films.

DrumJam is a direct and personal route to his rhythm factory with all the individual percussion parts recorded by Pete. Build layers from a wide range of ethnic percussion and drum kit loops and jam away over the top of the grooves you create. With intuitive quantized beats performed by simply dragging your fingers around, it is possible for even the absolute novice to get some funky grooves immediately.

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First Sounds from Anaphobia Destro

Good to see that this new app is progressing well, if you want to hear what it’s starting to sound like then visit the site for a listen.

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MicroTrack dB site has moved

If you were following the old MicroTrack dB blog you should be aware that it has moved now and the new site can be found here.

MicroTrack dB - bang means do it

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Arctic Keys and NodeBeat HD – Sunsine Audio

Upcoming Arctic Keys factory preset Retro Arp controlled by NodeBeat HD – Sunsine Audio
Visit at – www.sunsineaudio.com

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SampleWiz Hotel Fun 2 with Jordan Rudess

SampleWiz - Jordan Rudess: Wizdom Music, LLC