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Molecule Synth:An Electronic Musical Instrument for Everyone

Art from Synthetic Bits tweeted about this Kickstarter project, so don’t blame me if you end up funding it (as I almost certainly will do).

All joking aside I think this looks amazing!

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Reminder: NanoStudio 50% off until Friday

I’m not sure if the NanoStudio sale ends before the 17th or on the 17th, but either way, if you wanted to get it at $7.99 which is 50% off, you don’t have much longer to get moving.

NanoStudio - Blip Interactive Ltd

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Moog response to Animoog 1.1 concerns

Synthtopia has the news on Moog’s response. So if you’ve been impacted by the 1.1 issues read this.

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NodeBeat featured on Blackberry developer blog

NodeBeat is one of the most cross platform apps I’ve seen as it’s now on iOS, Android and Blackberry. I’m guessing that this is because its foundations are in Pd, but as I’m not a developer I could be completely off the pace with that.

However, it’s good to see it get some well deserved attention from the Blackberry community with this feature on the Blackberry developer blog.

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Very helpful Werkbench review from Otis

A big thank you to Otis who sent me this link to his review of Werkbench for the iPad.

Also, Werkbench is still on sale at $3.99.

WerkBench - Bolasol, Inc.

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IKM’s current sales ending today

IKM currently have 40% off DJ Rig and Pro Bundle and 50% off their line of GrooveMaker apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, but according to a tweet earlier those are ending tonight.

So if you were holding on until the last minute, it would be now.

IK Multimedia

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DrumJam. Ancient electronic pots!

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