Google+ announces ‘Studio Mode’ for Live Online Music, so what does it mean for mobile?

I’ve been wondering for a while if G+ would provide something useful for the mobile music community. With this latest announcement I’ve got an idea of what might be possible.

Here’s the full announcement from Google product manager Matt Leske:

Since we launched Google+ a little over a year ago, we’ve seen a thriving community of musicians connect with fans in really cool ways. In particular: singer/songwriters like +Daria Musk bands like +Suite 709 and many others are using Hangouts On Air to perform live for global audiences, and jam with fans face-to-face.

We wanted to make these live hangout concerts sound more like the stage, so today we’re rolling out Studio Mode. As a musician, all you need to do is start your Hangout On Air, click settings, and switch from Voice to Studio Mode.

Studio Mode optimizes your individual audio for music instead of conversation, and no else needs to change a thing! Check out the video with +Suite 709 to hear the difference (and for the full effect, listen with your favorite pair of headphones).

So this is great news for live online music, but let’s just imagine for a minute if this new feature of G+ was available in a mobile API that developers could use so a user could broadcast live performance from inside an app into a google hangout. Wouldn’t that take mobile music in a very interesting direction?

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